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We support people into employment and training based on our relationships with a number of third sector, private companies and public sector organisations through providing skills analysis, comprehensive assessments, training and development opportunities.

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Who We Are

We take great pride in designing, innovative, personal, social development and leadership programmes.

PATHWAYs LDN, transforms lives and communities through training excellence it does this by designing, innovative, personal, social development and leadership programmes which enable talent from diverse communities to be harnessed and realised.

We at PATHWAYs LDN achieve this by partnering with third sector, public sector, education, and employment organisations.
We also have long term relationships with like-minded delivery partners and community groups to promote our interventions.
We help people to navigate various pathways into educational and career success and to become confident, motivated, and active citizens.

Who We Are

To achieve greater equality of opportunity and employment outcomes

Our work also supports employers to access a wide talent pool from within Britain’s diverse communities. The objectives underpinning our interventions are as follows:

  • To improve outcomes for those who engage with us through accessing meaningful training and gain employability skills in order to progress into sustainable work.
  • Through the provision of high quality IAG by qualified staff, to support people to make the positive choices and become socially mobile.
Our Courses

Our Training Courses

NCFE Level 1
Certificate in Employability Skills
8 days

This qualification aims to develop and enhance skills required for the working environment and improve learners’ confidence and communication skills in order to prepare them for employment or for a change in employment.

Entry 3- Level 1 Certificate
Digital Skills & ICT
8 days

This qualification is designed to prepare learners for employment & support a role in a workplace through the development of their IT knowledge & skills.

Entry 3- Level 1 Certificate
8 days

This course is suitable for lower-risk work environments. This qualification is aimed at individuals who may be new to working within a business and administration role.

Level 1 Certificate
Customer Service
8 days

This qualification provides the underpinning knowledge required by employees to work in a range of customer service roles.

Entry 3- Level 1 Certificate
Introduction to
Catering and Hospitality
8 days

The qualification is aimed at food handlers and other staff involved in food preparation and service who work within the catering industry.

Entry 3- Level 1 Certificate
Warehousing and Logistics
8 days

This qualification will introduce you to the rights associated with logistics, the different types, functions and benefits of warehousing.

Level 2 Certification

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Client Stories

What do our clients
think about us?

“I would recommend Pathways’ Employability Programme to others as I found it to be incredibly instrumental to my personal employability development. Specifically, I gained new skills relating to interviews, as well as my punctuality. I now believe I will arrive to interviews on time - I also have a better and positive outlook concerning my future. Additionally, I feel very assured, as whilst I was on the course, my questions were fully answered.”

Stephen’s praise report

“I was impressed by the comprehensive nature of the Pre-Employment Training Programme. I gained new knowledge concerning various aspects of employability, including how and where to search for jobs, and the interview techniques that increase chances of success. I also learnt to tailor my CV so that my skills and experience match the job that is being advertised. I am grateful for this great opportunity provided by Pathways, and I now feel ready to overcome any challenge that comes my way.”

Siew’s Sentiments

The Pre-Employment Training Programme provided by Pathways LDN has given me a realistic and achievable route to attaining my professional goals. It was a well-structured programme, with the tutor delivering content in a clear and concise manner. I also had the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills which will prove useful in my future endeavours. Thank you to the Pathways team, as I had a great and enjoyable experience.”

Gotam’s Experience

“I went on Pathways LDN’s Pre-Employment Training Programme which I found to be very interesting. The tutor was also engaging and supportive. We were assigned to work in groups often which helped with team-building - I was also able to hear other people’s perspectives. Information relating to a company’s policies, workplace legislation, and how this relates to my rights and responsibilities as an employee, was also covered on the Programme. This was particularly useful for me as I’ve not considered this before. The Programme also allowed me to reflect upon myself.”

Some thoughts from Dareen

Meeting new people on Pathways’ Employability Programme was comforting for me, as I gained an insight into their recent job hunting experiences. It was clear that ultimately, we wanted to gain and maintain meaningful employment, and I believe that the Programme itself truly prepared us for this outcome. Therefore, I’m happy to say I have a newfound confidence that will allow me to progress back into a professional working environment.”

Monica’s Musings

“I really appreciated the teaching style adopted for the Employability Programme delivered by Pathways - it catered to everybody’s different needs and requirements. The Programme was also a fun, interactive and beneficial environment to be in. I now know the importance of effective organisation and planning, so that I can communicate better in writing.”

A grateful customer

“The Pre-Employment Training Programme has caused me to not only improve my qualities and skills, but it was a fantastic opportunity to be reminded of my previous work experience. This combined will help me to find a new and better job, as I will be able to showcase my abilities and my knowledge”

Another happy customer
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