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Recruiting a new member of staff can be costly and time consuming. Pathways LDN will work to understand your needs and company ethos we will build a bespoke package of recruitment and training in line with company requirements for NO FEE.

Our service is completely free and we are good at listening, understanding and delivering the right candidates the first time.  Our clients are trained, passionate and motivated to work.​

The service provided doesn’t end when you take on a new member of staff.  We will continue to support both them and you to ensure that you retain a skilled and diverse workforce that benefits your business.

Dedicated Account Manager

A Pathways LDN Employer Account Manager is in a strong position to support your business with all your recruitment needs.

With candidates from a diverse background of experience from entry level positions to high level management and skilled professionals, we are well placed to assist you with all aspects of recruitment.

At Pathways LDN we want to build a strong partnership of understanding and support, ensuring that we assist you to reduce staff turnover and increase retention, whilst looking ahead and planning for future recruitment needs.

We offer bespoke packages of training and recruitment that are built around the specific needs of your business.

A Beneficial Relationship

We can help you to recruit and maintain a diverse and dedicated workforce. Pathways can support your local community by providing work experience and job opportunities and at the same time contribute to your CSR. Our work is important because employment changes lives. At the same time new staff can bring new skills to the business.

The Offer

  • End to end recruitment process
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Appropriate training linked to employment and development
  • Appropriate and knowledgeable advice and guidance on recruitment and training
  • A pool of suitably screened and prepared candidates

A Bespoke Service

We will work closely with you to support your recruitment and training processes:

  • Access to a range of local candidates.
  • Pre-screened candidates based on your requirements and specification
  • Recruitment support – recruitment days based at our local office or yours.
  • Candidate training and development – sector specific training or employment training packages, work placements, trials and tasters.

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