Business Administration

Level 1 NVQ Diploma

*Programmes are tailored to individual customer needs, a reduced fee is possible for group bookings and for unit exemption (Recognised Prior Learning).*

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Course Content

The Diploma is designed for administrative staff working within all sectors of industry and commerce who want to improve their administrative and supervisory skills. The qualification is designed around five core mandatory units (27 credits) and a selection of optional units from Group B & C (to a total of 31 credits).

Mandatory Units

  1. Manage personal and professional development

  2. Communicate in a business environment

  3. Principles of business communication and information

  4. Principles of administration

  5. Principles of business

Optional Units

  1. Develop a presentation

  2. Deliver a presentation

  3. Employee rights and responsibilities

  4. Evaluate the provision of business travel or accommodation

  5. Manage an office facility

  6. Provide administrative support in at work

  7. Monitor information systems

  8. Contribute to the improvement of business performance

  9. Implement change

  10. Manage a project

  11. Manage business risk

  12. Using email

  13. Develop and maintain personal networks

  14. Develop and implement an operational plan


What have students who have taken this course in the past progressed to?

Progression to a higher qualification is encouraged.


How will I learn?

The NVQ Centre is flexible in its approach to delivering training programmes. The sessions can be de-livered in your company in workshop format or through distance learning.


How will I be assessed?

The qualification is holistically assessed which means that the optional units chosen by the candidate will be assessed alongside the mandatory units. This means that when planning and carrying out assessments the assessor will ensure the units fit with the candidates’ job. Candidates are supported with regular meetings and blended learning.


Equipment and other costs?


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Expected prior knowledge?

English level

Entry 3

Mathematics level

Entry 3