Who are we

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PATHWAYs LDN is a unique organisation. We take great pride in designing, innovative, personal, social development and leadership programmes which enable talent from diverse communities to be harnessed and realised.

We at PATHWAYs LDN achieve this by partnering with third sector, public sector, education and employment organisations.  We also have long term relationships with like minded delivery partners and community groups to promote our interventions.

We help people to navigate various pathways into educational and career success and to become confident, motivated and active citizens. 

Our work also supports employers to access a wide talent pool from within Britain’s diverse communities.  

The objectives underpinning our interventions are as follows:

  1. To improve outcomes for those who engage with us through accessing meaningful employment.

  2. Through the provision of high quality IAG by qualified staff, to support people to make the positive choices and become socially mobile.

  3. To achieve greater equality of opportunity and employment outcomes.